Office Template


Office Template systems provide corporate design-compliant Microsoft Office® templates for the entire organisation. Brand and marketing managers gain the assurance that MS Office users work with current templates. The nice thing about it: CI/CD guidelines, layouts, and standardised contents can be managed centrally, distributed in a quick and simple manner, and enforced across all users.


Customer benefits

  • Standardisation of relevant areas in design, template, and content management
  • Unified and efficient processes in the creation of correspondence and presentations
  • Company-wide consistency in Corporate Design (CD)
  • Simplified brand management and transparency of complex brand structures
  • Protection of brand value via intelligent business applications and flexible templates
  • Simple generation of extensive and multi-lingual documents via dynamic content boiler plates
  • Automated adaption of document layouts based on user profiles

Modules / Features

  • Enterprise Document Creation
  • MS Office Templates Management
  • Content Management / Boiler Plates
  • Corporate Design and Brand Conformity
  • Branding Rollout / Rebranding
  • Connectors with Business Applications