Multi Channel


Multi Channel Publishing systems are decentralised platforms for the creation, editing, and publishing of contents and communication media. They represent the entire workflow – from media creation to their release into various channels. Such a solution ensures that content reaches the targeted audience via all channels and formats in a CI/CD-compliant and cost-efficient manner.


Customer benefits

  • Web-based solution for simple and cost-efficient production and editing of content such as images, videos, layouts, and websites
  • Different stakeholders can edit and finalise content, assets, product information, processes, and marketing resources directly in their layout and independent of location and time
  • Publication processes are efficient and the publication of content is possible at all times and via all channels: print, web, mobile, tablet, e-mail, and social media
  • Content is managed and structured centrally and can be made accessible for different user groups (product managers, category managers, marketing managers, regional managers, agencies, photographers, translators, etc.)
  • User-definable output formats allow for an efficient distribution of content across various communication channels

Modules / Features

  • Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Product Information Management
  • Editorial System
  • Online & Offline Editing
  • Translation Memory for Translators
  • Multi Channel Publishing
  • Online Reports