marketing software solutions

Marmot is specialised in providing software solutions for marketing, communications, and branding. Marmot offers best-of-breed solutions for every requirement and supports its customers in their evaluation and implementation of the fitting solution.

For the software implementation and ongoing maintenance of its customers, Marmot has access to a broad network of local media, publishing, and agency service providers. Thanks to this unique combination of leading software products and specialised service providers Marmot is able to define solutions for increased marketing efficiency and measurability.

Marmot provides software solutions in the following areas:

Fitting. Clear.

Fitting: Marmot finds the fitting marketing software solutions for its customers. Together with our partners we are oriented at your success.

Clear: Marmot works in a well-structured, transparent, and independent manner. With our pragmatic approach we do not allow ourselves to be confined by limiting principles.

Effective: Marmot supports the solutions that create the biggest benefits for our customers. Our marketing software solutions increase your marketing impact. Thereby we generate additional value that is felt immediately as well as in the long run.

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